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Tick Tok Premium, updated from it's predecessor, is a scientific and effective homecare system that induces accelerated collagen formation from natural healing process. By artificially making microscopic holes on the surface of the skin it maximises the absorption of products. Compared to other MTS and stamps Tick Tok Premium is an automatic MTS which penetrates 5,000 times per minute using 20 micropins without causing scratching or damage compared to roller procedures.

Tick Tok Premium uses sterilised plastic needles that are harmless to the human body and adopts the 0.25mm guidelines. Free from any metal allergies you can enjoy the effects of a clinical treatment within your own home!

The micro-pin is non evasive but penetrates the top layers of the skin whilst using LED Light Therapy for rejuvenation. A multi functional home-care device with Auto MTS + Iontophoresis, all in one which is an effective step for skin regeneration, fine wrinkle improvement and brightening.

Simple and easy to use and can be used daily! 

Great for reducing:

Fine lines


Enlarged pores

Sagging skin

Dull lacklustre skin

Uneven skin texture


  • Handpiece

  • Micropin x 3

  • Protective Guide x 2 (white 0.25mm depth, black 0.5mm depth)

  • AAA Alkaline Battery x 2

  • Instructional leaflet


  • RPM : 5,000

  • Battery : AAA Alkaline 1.5V 2ea

  • Usage time: 3 hours (Continuous use)

  • Alarm for changing batteries : Power LED lamp flashes

  • Size : Handpiece W 47.98mm * L 130mm * H 45.3mm

                  Micropin D 16.68mm * H 25.8mm

Iontophoresis : D 30mm * H 16.77mm

  • Weight : Handpiece-38g (Battery included)

                      Micropin-2 g

  • Number of Micropin : 20pins