korean sheet mask from duft and doft focusing on charcoal extracts to help oily skin
DUFT & DOFT Black Therapy Customised Refining Mask

DUFT & DOFT Black Therapy Customised Refining Mask

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This Duft & Doft Black Therapy sheet mask provides purifying and brightening effect to the skin, for both sensitive and oily skin types! The mask has a velvety touch and the black mineral material gently absorbs all impurities. Each Black Therapy mask is enriched with precious plant elements leaving the skin moisturised whilst at the same time cleaner and brighter.


LOTUS FLOWER – Controls sebum production helping to balance out oily skin whilst hydrating and providing elasticity.

CAMU CAMU – A fruit that is packed full of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids. Provides anti-inflammatory effects and is a powerful antioxidant!

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