BLOOMING CELL Pink Peel 2-Step Mask

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This super hydrating facial mask has anti-aging properties and helps to calm acne too!


LACTIC ACID – An Alpha Hydroxy acid that helps to reduce acne and blemishes whilst providing anti-aging benefits through gentle exfoliation!

GREEN TEA – Rich in anti-oxidants helps to maintain firm and supple skin.

HONEY – A powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to heal and soothe skin!


  • Open Step 1, the Toner Peeling Lotion which can be applied by your hands or with a cotton pad onto a clean face.
  • Gently pat in the lotion and open Step 2, the sheet mask, place over face and sit back and relax for 10-20 minutes!
  • Remove sheet mask, pat in any remaining essence and voila, GLOWING skin!
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