9CC Keine Akne Saubere Maske

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Clean and refresh your skin pure plant energy! This mask helps to relieve skin from stress leaving you bright and revitalised. With this potent mix of botanical extracts you can happily say buh-bye to blemishes!

Your skin will LOVE:

  • TEA TREE EXTRACT – anti-bacterial that relieves skin or redness and reduces the bacteria formed on the skin surface.
  • PURSLANE – rich in Vit C, magnesium and has powerful anti-oxidants. Helps to refine skin and give a healthy appearance.
  • LIQUORICE – perfect for blemish prone and sensitive skin, reduces excess sebum whilst diminishing the appearance of pigmentation.
  • PORTULACA LEAF EXTRACT – repairs damaged skin cells whilst shrinking pores.
  • CHAMOMILE – anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, contains essential oils and reduces irritation from free radicals!
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