September Glow Setter Menu

Summer is ending and we want to give your skin some protection from the colder weather and also some relaxation! It's back to school (or work) for most of us and that means we need to take care of our skin as stress play a large role in unhappy skin! This month find natural ingredients that will soothe and calm all your worries away!

STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask Grapefruit Tree RRP £4.00

Give tired eyes a rest, sit back and relax with aroma therapy and 20 minutes of steam thermal massage! Thermal water from one of the oldest springs in Korea gives a luxurious steam, the mask inflates with the steam to provide a massage effect and promotes blood circulation.


  1. Tear along the perforated line
  2. Take out the mask, tear where you see the dotted lines
  3. The white surface is placed on the skin and hook the ear loops around the ears
  4. Sit back and relax!


A’PIEU Yellow Market Durian Sheet Mask RRP £3.50

This 100% cellulose sheet mask holds a large amount of essence and penetrates the skin deeply to give you that healthy glow!


DURIAN EXTRACT – brightens dull skin and pigmentation, prevents the signs of aging

CAMELLIA EXTRACT – also known as Green Tea, rich in anti-oxidants it promotes healthy skin and reduces skin irritations


REAL NATURE Chamomile Hydrogel Mask RRP £3.00

This multi-functional hydrogel mask soothes rough skin and gives a boost of moisture to dehydrated skin.


CHAMOMILE EXTRACT – a powerful anti-inflammatory it can help heal acne and scarring, soothe eczema and skin irritations

HYALURONIC ACID – alleviates dry flaky skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and speeds up healing


THE SAEM Oatmeal Mask RRP £3.50

his mask soothes and strengthens skin while leaving it soft and bouncy to the touch. It contains Canadian oatmeal, trehalose and prickly pear extracts! The perfect mask for anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.


OATMEAL EXTRACT – soaks up excess oil on the skin’s surface, is a rich anti-oxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory. A natural exfoliant, it helps remove the dead skin cells revealing glowing skin

PRICKLY PEAR EXTRACT – contains vitamin K it helps to brighten pigmented areas and even out dull skin tone whilst restoring skin’s elasticity


JELLY FRIEN Honey Bear Fresh Green Apple Mask RRP £3.50

Made with pearl extract and green apple, this cellulose sheet mask will give you glowing skin in no time! 


ROYAL HONEY EXTRACT – full of nutrients and a powerful antioxidant it helps to mositurise and acts as an anti-bacterial preventing acne

GREEN APPLE EXTRACT – helps protect skin against UV rays, and high in Vitamin C it promotes skin regeneration and gives your complexion a radiant glow


GANGBLY Jeju Seaweed Pure Mask RRP £3.80

Fresh from the Island of Jeju this mask sheet is a sheer and lightweight sheet mask drenched in natural ingredients for instant and refreshing hydration! Perfect for those with sensitive skin!


SEAWEED EXTRACT - helps to smooth out and retain the moisture in your skin because of its high iodine, mineral, and antioxidant content. 


BLING POP Aloe Face Mask Moisturising + Brightening RRP £3.50

This sheet mask soothes and hydrates the skin with calming Aloe Vera Extract. It’s perfect for adding radiance back to dull skin. Sit back, relax and let the mask do all the work.


ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT - This ingredient contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and heal the skin.

PAEONIA LACTIFLORA ROOT EXTRACT - Also known as Peony Root Extract, this ingredient is great at brightening and rejuvenating the skin.