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JUST GO GO Watery Skin Fit Mask Purifying RP £3.00

This 100% pure cotton facial sheet mask from Just Go Go is perfect for those on the Go! For tired skin that has been out in the sun or damaged from environmental aggressors, it purifies and hydrates all in one!


HYALURONIC ACID – with 5 different types, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, retains moisture in the skin leading to plumper healthier complexion!

UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA EXTRACT – also known as Algae, it helps protect skin and boosts immunity. It also reduces age spots and hyper-pigmentation from the sun.


BEAUTY CHUCK I’m Real GIRA Mask Aqua RP £3.00

A hypo-allergenic moisturising mask that delivers a cooling water essence deep into the skin!


ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT – this ingredient calms the skin of irritation and is also rich in antioxidants.

ACTINIDIA CHINENSIS (KIWI) FRUIT EXTRACT – this is a wonderful moisturizing ingredient that fights free radicals and improves skin elasticity.

WELLAGE Calamine Calming Care Mask £3.50

Calamine Care Mask from Wellage is a  soothing mask which is excellent for protecting the skin and calming weakened skin stressed by the external environment. With natural vegetable extracts it has an outstanding durability and silky soft texture.


EUCALYPTUS OIL EXTRACT – a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial it heals damaged skin and clears acne.

CALAMINE EXTRACT – used to treat irritated or redness, helps to protect and heal.

IT’S SKIN Aloe Moisture & Calming Mask Sheet RP £3.00

A cushion pulp sheet soaked in a thick essence from fresh and natural ingredients. It helps to effectively calm and provide nourishment to skin!


ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF EXTRACT – contains Vit A and C, helps to treat burnt skin from sun exposure and it’s full of antioxidants to help flight the signs of aging.

LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT – helps lighten pigmentation, is a powerful anti-oxidant and contains glabridin a UV-fighting super ingredient!