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IT’S SKIN Tea Tree Balance Mask Sheet RP £3.00

This cushion pulp sheet mask includes ingredients from fresh and natural ingredients giving nourishment to the skin and solving skin issues such as redness and irritation.


TEA TREE EXTRACT – a popular choice for those that suffer from blemishes or acne, a natural anti-inflammatory that calms redness and swelling.

JAPONICA ROOT EXTRACT – a great skin moisturiser, oily skin needs moisture too! Takes away itchiness and flaky skin.


BEAUUGREEN Red Ginseng Essence Mask RP £3.00

Infused with red ginseng extract and saponin this sheet mask effectively works to comfort fatigued skin, leaving it healthy and smooth!


RED GINSENG – prevents ageing, maintains skin’s elasticity and brings vitality to your complexion

SAPONIN – a natural carbohydrate taken from plants, it is a highly active cleaning agent that soothes inflamed skin and is a powerful an anti-oxidant.


CHERESKIN SOLUTION Sparkle Mask Galactomyces RP £3.50

Soft and vibrant skin is only a step away with this sheet mask! The perfect mask to help balance skin whilst hydrating and protecting!


GALACTOMYCES FERMENT FILTRATE - This ingredient helps improve skin by reducing signs of aging, blackheads, and pores. It also contains antioxidants and vitamins to benefit the skin’s moisture barrier.

CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACT - A gentle yet powerful ingredient, Centella Asiatica helps calm skin irritations and speed up the skin’s healing process. It’s antioxidant-rich and can help reduce sun damage.


DOUBLE & ZERO My Sweet Macaron Mask With Red Fruits RP £3.50

This Macaron Mask is made from 100% sky cell crystal fibers rather than the standard cotton sheet and contains countless therapeutic benefits. A multi-functional sheet mask that works to revitalize, refresh, and purify the skin while also smoothing out pores.


TOMATO, CHERRY, WATERMELON, POMEGRANATE, AND STRAWBERRY EXTRACTS - all work together to cool, brighten, and moisturize the skin to its healthiest state

AMINO ACIDS – 6 different types that play a key role in hydrating and calming the skin during any flare ups