UPCYCLING OUR GLOW BAGS – How to recycle your GLOW!

Here at Mask Time we understand how important it is to not only respect your skin, but also the environment. We are constantly working on ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make sustainability a part of our mission besides glowing skin!

We’ve come up with some handy hacks on how to re-use our Glow bags and we hope that as a community, we can challenge ourselves to do more and become more Earth-Friendly!


Travel Bag

Perfect for when you need somewhere to store important documents (passport/boarding pass) our bags are holographic so it won’t be hard to find in your handbag or hand-carry! It can also double up as a skincare pouch for when you’re onboard or going away anywhere!

Makeup/Paint Brush Bag

Need a place to store all your makeup brushes or paint brushes away from dust? Our bags have an air tight seal to keep everything dust and dirt free!

Food Storage

Our Mask Time Hologram bags are also perfect for storing food like cereal, rice, fruit & flour! Air tight to keep produce fresh and safe in or out of the fridge and cute to take out when you’re on the go!

Small Item Storage

A pretty storage bag for all your small items, stay organised by placing small board games, jewelry or craft items.

Ice Bag

Since our bags are air tight with a seal you can use it as ice bags, crushed ice or ice cubes in the freezer!

Craft Material

The hologram print makes for nice material when craft making to add that extra touch!


Our bags are pretty enough to be used as packaging to send to someone else! Be Eco-friendly and use it as a gift bag!

All our packaging materials are 100% recyclable, from our holographic Glow bags to our pink mailer bags and our Mask Time boxes we try to make sure we are doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We are also having less paper within our subscription bags, our Masking Menus are now available through a QR code, all you need to do is scan and everything you need to know about your subscription products are there!

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