The Double Cleansing Method and should you be doing it?

Our Cleansing 101 guide on what is ‘Double Cleasning’ and why you should incorporate it into your skincare regime!

So what is Double Cleansing?

The backbone of a K-Beauty skincare routine, double cleansing is a method used to achieve clear and luminous skin. Basically cleaning your face TWICE using two different types of cleansers, usually an oil based cleanser followed by a gel or foam type cleanser and it’s super easy to incorporate into your daily routine!

But why?

The act of the double cleanse allows you to firstly remove make-up and spf products from the surface of the skin using an OIL based cleanser as oil breaks down any hard to remove makeup, sunscreen and sweat or sebum that has accumulated throughout the day. This paves way for your water based cleanser to better clean residual dirt and pollutants left on the skin, so its very much a thorough cleanse!

Having a clean base results in far fewer breakouts, pores are less clogged and skin can better absorb your skincare products.

When should I do it?

You can double cleanse both morning and night! Most people think putting oil on your face if you have oily skin is a big no no but it’s quite the opposite! Oil cleansers are very gentle on the skin and it actually helps to break down sweat and sebum that your normal water based cleanser may not be able to do as effectively. It helps to reduce acne and blemishes!

In the morning when you wake up you may not feel like your face is dirty but during the night you may sweat, dust particles sit on top of the skin and cause bacteria. If you have applied heavy products the night before or need to wash off products the next morning then double cleansing is the answer! Having clean skin in the morning gives you the perfect base to start your day!

It's the MOST important to double cleanse in the evening, make-up wipes are not sufficient! Make-up, and the days grime needs to be removed effectively but gently so that your skin is able to soak up the products you use in the evening.

Is it possible to over-wash your skin?

At the end of the day we always say LISTEN to your skin! If you’re oily or acne prone we recommend that the cleansers you use are gentle and soothing so you don’t cause irritation, if you’re on the more combination to dry side then make sure that your products aren’t stripping and they have hydrating properties and if you feel that your skin is feeling a little too squeaky clean you may have to re-evaluate the type of products you’re using. You can just leave the double cleanse for the PM and wash your face with a water based cleanser in the morning if it’s too much!

Our recommendations!

Step 1:

Oil Based Cleanser 

Some of our all time favourites, gentle yet super effective and has added skincare benefits too!

Cleansing balms in stick formula are super handy, you can take it easily with you when you're on the go!


Water Based Cleanser

The perfect accompaniment to the cleansing balm, frothy yet not stripping, skin is left feeling soft and clear! 



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