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  • TOSS THE TOWEL: Air Drying Your Skin?

    Rachel Tse

    So hands up, who uses a towel to dry your face after cleansing? We decided to investigate the benefits of air-drying skin rather than using a towel and why we are making the switch! This could be a new step that you may consider adding to your skincare routine!   WHY YOU SHOULD AIR DRY YOUR FACE:...
  • MASKNE: Acne Caused By Masks + How To Get Rid Of It!

    Alex Chan

    Mask Acne aka MASKNE: when skin starts breaking out from wearing a mask, is becoming a growing issue. If you are serious about protecting yourself and others you will be wearing a mask, the pandemic has changed our world and we are now growing to adapt to it. For many people the side effect of we...
  • Mask Time Celebrating Pride Month With Denah Nicholson

    Rachel Tse



    For Pride month, we are doing weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives!

    Our last interview is with Denah Nicholson who is a retail store manager, and identifies as a transgendered woman. Her hobbies would be fashion! High end catwalk runway shows, Vogue magazine the works and she loves everything about it! She used to play badminton competitively but now days it's very much a hobby. Denah also likes to read a good book!


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