skincare 101

  • The 7 Skins Method & Are You Doing It Correctly?

    Mark Ady

    First off, what exactly is the 7 Skins Method?? Well it’s the latest K-Beauty crave that’s hit the internet and of course the gals at Mask Time were all in on trying it out so we could give you our opinion on it! WHAT IS IT? So the 7 Skins Method is to put it simply applying a lightweight toner o...
  • BEAUTY FRIDGES: What you should (and shouldn’t) put in your Beauty Fridge!

    Rachel Tse

    Beauty Fridges are the new IN thing at the moment, but are you doing it right? What products should you put inside? Here we reveal our Do’s & Don’t!  The main ingredients that definitely belong in the Beauty Fridge to prolong their life-span and what should stay out! The average fridge is set...


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