• TOSS THE TOWEL: Air Drying Your Skin?

    Rachel Tse

    So hands up, who uses a towel to dry your face after cleansing? We decided to investigate the benefits of air-drying skin rather than using a towel and why we are making the switch! This could be a new step that you may consider adding to your skincare routine!   WHY YOU SHOULD AIR DRY YOUR FACE:...
  • FRAGRANCE – Is it really that bad?

    Rachel Tse

    We want to talk about the new F-Word that’s been used a lot recently: fragrance. There’s been lots of articles on why you should avoid it and with new brands coming out with ‘fragrance free’ skincare lines we wanted to dive into if it really is that bad for you and why we seem so scared of it! Fa...
  • Mask Time Celebrating Pride Month With Anna Ng

    Rachel Tse

    For Pride month, we are doing weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives!

    This week we interviewed Anna Ng, an Associate Director at a Digital Marketing Agency living life to the max in Sydney, Australia. Sexual Status would be Lesbian. Her hobbies would be anything that includes wine, sun, beach bums and fishing. But most importantly she loves a good road trip or a mini vacay around Asia! She also loves painting and woodworking.


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