For Pride month, we are doing interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives!

This week we interviewed Liam Chong, a freelance photographer in London. His hobbies include, illustrating, cooking and making macramé hangers for his plants.



1. What are your top 5 Holy Grail products?

Liam: Aesop in Two Minds Cleanser, Galderma Acnecide Gel, Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, Lush Masque of Magnaminty and Aesop Lucent.


2. What is your skin type?

Liam: Oily combination and blemish prone


3. How did you discover k-beauty/beauty?

Liam: I first really got into beauty products when I came back to London and started modelling for friends. The MuA told me how good skin is the foundation to any makeup look. As a photographer I knew this to some extent, but it made me think about what I use and how ingredients can make all the difference.


4. Where's your favourite place to shop for k-beauty/beauty?

Liam: I've shopped around a lot and would have to say Aesop is my main go to. however if you get really into skincare The Ordinary can be a super affordable alternative but you have to do a lot more research as to what each of the ingredients do.


5. What is your skincare routine/how do you get amazing skin like yours?

Liam: My skincare routine is season specific but here it goes:
1) Cleanse with Aesop in Two Minds
2) Exfoliating on Tuesday and Saturday evenings with Aesop Tea Tree Powder, making sure to be as light as touch.
3) Tone with Aesop in Two Minds Toner
4) Dry my face with my little hand fan and hydrate with Aesop Lucent and Fabulous Face Oil. In the winter I use a bit of Molton Browns Ultra Light Hydrator and in summer I just use Aloe Vera gel on top.


6. What's your fave beauty ingredient and why?

Liam: Salicylic acid is the best friend for anyone with combination to oily skin, especially if you're blemish prone too.


7. Who are your role models in life and why?

Liam: The role model in my life would be Alicia Keys. For me she embodies someone who is talented but humble and I always respected her for that. Also those braids in her Fallin' video. ICONIC!


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