Mask Time Celebrating Pride Month With Denah Nicholson



For Pride month, we are doing weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives!



Our last interview is with Denah Nicholson who is a retail store manager, and identifies as a transgendered woman. Her hobbies would be fashion! High end catwalk runway shows, Vogue magazine the works and she loves everything about it! She used to play badminton competitively but now days it's very much a hobby. Denah also likes to read a good book!

"I believe that people shouldn’t understand someone by the label of their gender or sexually (in my personal opinion). I lived most of my life defined by the label of being trans. I can never change that cause that is my truth. Sometimes the stigma or the stereotypes that come with it don’t relate to every trans individual. In this current climate I see that people of the LGBTQIA community have screamed for a voice to be heard and given opportunities like this is a great was to showcase to people that we do the same normal things as everyone else like skincare hahaha!" 

1.    What are your top 5 Holy Grail products?
Denah: Kiehl’s Midnight Repair Oil, Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, Lancôme Genofique Serum, Aloe Vera gel, Virgin Coconut Oil. I try use a few natural things to help balance out my skin but also remedies that I’ve learnt my my grandma and Aunts. 

2.    What is your skin type?
Denah: Normal, depending on the weather at the time sometimes alittle dry but I’m genetically blessed with good skin.

3.    How did you discover k-beauty?

Denah: My best friend is Korean and I have amazing Korean friends. But also through watching KPop and Korean dramas. 

4.    Where’s your favourite place to shop for k-beauty?

Denah: Innisfree, but since coming across your site now Mask Time!

5.    What is your skincare routine/how do you get amazing skin like yours? 

Denah: I actually don’t have a vigorous routine. Depending on the weather if it’s summer I like to use a charcoal face mask and use Aloe Vera gel. In the winter I’ll use a heavy moisturiser if my skin feels dry cause Sydney can be quite windy. At night I use a face wipe cleanser and then my Kiehls Midnight Repair oil. 

I also love a good Face mask and currently I’m using the Lush BBSeaweed mask! I live by this! I feel so fresh after putting on this mask. 


6.    What’s your fave beauty ingredient and why?

Denah: Collagen! It makes your skin supple and full.

7.    Who inspires you in the LGBTQ beauty industry?
Denah: James Charles is amazing! Learnt a few cute tips from him.
Carmen Carrera, she is an amazing trans woman and role model and she talks about natural beauty a lot! 

8.    Who are your roles models in life and why?

Denah: Beyoncé - She is such role model for woman empowerment! She make me feel as a women that I can do anything a man can do.

My Mum - She was the one that found my transition the most difficult to accept at first. But since she has found her own understanding and education around trans people she is my biggest advocate. Also she raised myself and siblings mostly on her own and she overcame so many obstacles. But has always risen above and showing adversity.


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