Mask Time Celebrating Pride Month With Anna Ng

Weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives


For Pride month, we are doing weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives!

This week we interviewed Anna Ng, an Associate Director at a Digital Marketing Agency living life to the max in Sydney, Australia. Sexual Status would be Lesbian. Her hobbies would be anything that includes wine, sun, beach bums and fishing. But most importantly she loves a good road trip or a mini vacay around Asia! She also loves painting and woodworking.

1. What are your top 5 Holy Grail products?

Anna: Snail 92 Cream (because I’ve always been a huge fan of snail gel!), Olay Eyes Eye Cream, Missha Super Off Cleansing Oil, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner and of course I can’t get annihilated by the Aussie sun so Banana Boat Sun Spray!


2. What is your skin type?

Anna: Mostly oily due to all the sunscreen I use so a facial monthly is definitely needed.


3. How did you discover k-beauty?

Anna: From my cousin actually! Her knowledge of Kbeauty products and tips are insane, no wonder her face looks flawless all the time...


4. Where’s your favourite place to shop for k-beauty?

Anna: I usually shop online anywhere I can depending on the brand but Mask Time is definitely one of my fav for sure!


5. What is your skincare routine/how do you get amazing skin like yours?

Anna: Take care of your skin routine like your teeth brushing routine. Making sure you cleanse your face every day and eat right for your skin type, that’s also key!


6. What’s your fave beauty ingredient and why?

Anna: Vitamin C or Collagen... I can’t choose! 


7. Who inspires you in the LGBTQ beauty industry?

Anna: Ingrid Nilsen. Other than her stunning looks, her make up tutorials are always a goer.


8. Who are your roles models in life and why?

Anna: Interestingly enough I don’t have a generic role model...
However if I was to choose within the beauty industry, definitely my cousin as her determination to broaden people’s beauty product knowledge is inspiring and is a huge part of why people who use her products are feeling good about themselves.
But also not to mention that she looks flawless all the time!



Check back next week where we will have another interview with an LGBTQ+ creative!

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