Mask Time Celebrating Pride Month With CJ A'rlo

Weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives


June is the time to celebrate PRIDE but do you know why? It’s the very same month in 1969, where the iconic women, Marsha P. Johnson (a Black trans woman), Sylvia Rivera (a Latina trans woman) and Stormé DeLarverie (a Black lesbian) ignited the Stonewall uprising in New York City. It was one of the pivotal moments in history for the gay rights movement and certainly the proudest. Here at Mask Time, we are #proudtogether and want to celebrate, spread awareness and amplify LGBTQ+ voices!

We are going to do weekly interviews with LGBTQ+ creatives, to see what their skincare routines are and who their inspirations are!


This week’s interview is with actor/model CJ A’rlo. He's been in the Netflix series, The Alienist, Addidas campaigns and music videos with Banfi. CJ loves to game and drink cider on his chilled days!


What are your top 5 Holy Grail products?

CJ: It’s hard to pick my favourites but these are the ones I have nightmares about running out: Hemp moisturiser, cold pressed 100% rosehip oil, serozinc toning mist by la roche pose, cervae’s hylanronic cleanser, the ordinarys retinol serum.

What is your skin type?

CJ: My skin type is on the dry side, so hydration is key all year round!


How did you discover beauty/K-beauty?

CJ: I think I first discovered k-beauty on youtube! I watch a lot of vogue “get ready for bed” routines & also skincare gurus. James Welsh is one of my favourites! 


What is your favourite place to shop for K-beauty?

CJ: Mask Time ofc!


What is your skincare routine/how do you get amazing skin like yours?

CJ: I have a rigorous evening routine that I stick to religiously & because I do the full works every night i barely touch my face in the mornings. The mornings consist of a quick water wash & then moisturisers. Because any extra time in bed is needed.


What is your favourite beauty ingredient and why?

CJ: The great healer of ingredients, Vitamin C


Who inspires you in the LGBTQ beauty industry?

CJ: Billy Porter, I mean do I even need to explain why? 


Who are your role models in life and why?

CJ: Marsha P. Johnson for sure. Theres no way I’d be able to be who I am today without people like Marsha. She was very selfless and always fought for change against injustice, plus she always looked fabulous doing it.


    How are you celebrating Pride?

    Check back next week where we will have another interview with an LGBTQ+ creative!

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