BRAND SPOTLIGHT: PLUSTEM – Protect with 3 layers of block!

We all know that protecting our skin is KEY for health benefits and also ant-ageing benefits (if you didn’t know then take a look at our previous blog about sunscreen! HERE) We also know that UVA/UVB rays are super damaging to our skin BUT did you know that Blue Light Rays and Near Infrared can be just as harmful to the skin?


The most exposure we get of blue light rays are from the sun but this High Energy Visible (HEV) light also is emitted from computer screens, mobile phones, and other digital devices. It’s estimated that we spend around 50% of our lives staring at screens! Especially since COVID-19 many of us are now spending more times indoors or working from home which requires us to be in front of our screens more than normal.

Blue light is known to cause eye strain, headaches and it stimulates our brains to stay awake so it may be hard to wind down if you’ve been looking at screens all day. There has also been research to show that long term blue light rays can lead to damaged skin, pigmentation, and promotes skin stressors that cause premature ageing. This isn’t to say that the blue light emitted from your screens will damage your skin like how it would from the sun but the amount of time we spend daily in our lives in front of screens has been shown to causes skin issues so it’s good to be protected nonetheless!

By wearing glasses that filter out blue light or dimming your screen for a more yellow toned hue helps and can lessen headaches and eye strain, there are now more and more skincare that filters out blue light as well as UVA/UVB and PLUSTEM is one of them!


Not only does it protect your skin from UVA/UVB and Blue light it also protects your skin from NIR (Near Infrared), which is the heat emitted from the sun. This NIR causes THERMAL AGEING and a breaks down collagen and elastin fibres causing skin to sag!

NIR penetrates deeper than UV rays and visible light (Blue Light), it doesn’t cause genetic mutation like UV rays but it does cause skin ageing when you have been exposed to it for long periods of time (i.e sunbathing/being outdoors for long periods). It interferes with new collagen formation and breaks down the protective barrier of the skin which can lead to infection, burning and damage.

You are exposed to NIR from things like your tv screens, laptops, heaters, fluorescent lamps, things that produce heat!

PLUSTEM Perfect UV Essence protects your skin from UVA/UVB, Blue Light AND NIR, the perfect protection combination for your daily life! Not only does it give your skin maximum protection from all angles but it also is good for your skin too!

Formulated with:

GREEN TEA CALLUS EXTRACT – creates an external layer on your skin and prevents loss of moisture whilst protecting skin from various irritations.

COLLAGEN & CERAMIDE – keeps skin youthful and provides nourishment keeping your complexion healthy and revitalised!


Wear alone (it has a slight pink tone to brighten dull complexions) or as a base for makeup! It gives the perfect canvas for makeup and acts like a primer! Want the same protection but a bit more coverage?

Try our PLUSTEM UV Perfect Block Essence Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

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