BEAUTY FRIDGES: What you should (and shouldn’t) put in your Beauty Fridge!

Beauty Fridges are the new IN thing at the moment, but are you doing it right? What products should you put inside? Here we reveal our Do’s & Don’t!  The main ingredients that definitely belong in the Beauty Fridge to prolong their life-span and what should stay out!

The average fridge is set at about 1.6 degrees so it’s the optimal temperature for most products.

What should go in:


Those beloved cleansing balms! With the warmer weather approaching, if accidentally left on your bathroom shelf or window sill that is in direct sunlight (they usually start melting at 37 degrees) it’s very likely they will start to melt. This causes the oils to separate and create a sticky mess that is no longer useable.


We cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have a cold mist during those hot summer days! The feeling is amplified ten-fold when placed in the fridge.


The beauty of natural skincare is that they have no chemicals but on the downside without chemical preservatives their shelf life is pretty short! Placing them in the fridge will help them from spoiling too quick and keep bacteria at bay.


Having some cool eye cream helps to depuff eyes in the morning, the colder temperature will help aid vasoconstriction (helps to restrict the flow of liquid the eye area) which calm puffiness.


That must have jade roller or Gua Shua facial tool! If you haven’t heard of any of these then where have you been?! The new HG item for all beauty lovers, they help to eliminate waste and toxins in the face whilst boosting circulation, reduce puffiness and fights the sign of sagging skin! Place in the fridge to experience a cool mini facial, you can thank us later ;)


Of course, sheet masks! A nice chilled sheet mask is like having a mini wake up call for your skin (some people hate it but most love it!) A must have during hotter climates and an instant de-puffer!


These products are very temperature sensitive and can spoil if not stored correctly, also products with ingredients such as aloe vera and floral water. Keeping them in cooler climates will prolong their self life!

What should stay out:


Anything with clay in keep far from your beauty fridge! It goes super hard, like really hard so much that you’ll probably need a shovel to break through!


Oil based products such as some serums and moisturisers, these are tricky as most oil based products will start to separate from the water particles in colder temperatures and you’ll find the texture may look and feel slightly different.


As above they are oils and their ideal temperature is room temperature (just not in direct sunlight or anywhere that is high in humidity). They should be stored in a dark area as the sunlight can spoil them, most oils come in dark packaging to stop them from oxidizing too quick. If you place them in the fridge you may find that the texture and consistency may change and it may end up going hard!

That’s our two pennies worth! Remember that everything is trial and error and most importantly skincare products should stay away from direct sunlight or high humidity areas. Also bathrooms are not great as it can get pretty steamy from showers and baths, not to mention not the greatest place for hygiene! Storing the on your dresser or bedroom table is the best place.

Thanks for reading!


Mask Time Team xoxo

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