• BRAND SPOTLIGHT: PLUSTEM – Protect with 3 layers of block!


    We all know that protecting our skin is KEY for health benefits and also ant-ageing benefits (if you didn’t know then take a look at our previous blog about sunscreen! HERE) We also know that UVA/UVB rays are super damaging to our skin BUT did you know that Blue Light Rays and Near Infrared can b...
  • MASKNE: Acne Caused By Masks + How To Get Rid Of It!

    Alex Chan

    Mask Acne aka MASKNE: when skin starts breaking out from wearing a mask, is becoming a growing issue. If you are serious about protecting yourself and others you will be wearing a mask, the pandemic has changed our world and we are now growing to adapt to it. For many people the side effect of we...
  • FRAGRANCE – Is it really that bad?

    Rachel Tse

    We want to talk about the new F-Word that’s been used a lot recently: fragrance. There’s been lots of articles on why you should avoid it and with new brands coming out with ‘fragrance free’ skincare lines we wanted to dive into if it really is that bad for you and why we seem so scared of it! Fa...


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